Six Degrees of Composers CD


Six Degrees of Composers CD


Our debut album, Six Degrees of Composers, celebrates our sixth concert series. As the Six Degree Singers, we knew that we had to do something special to commemorate our sixth program. We approached three young and extremely talented composers and asked each to write us a piece of music that would involve one of the following elements: the number six, the idea of connecting people together (as in "six degrees of separation"), or the personality of the choir. Each composer took a different approach, and we used these three new commissions to build the foundation of the program for our sixth concert series. We then connected each young composer to his or her teacher (or teacher's teacher's teacher) by varying degrees of separation, and then connected those composers each to two more composers to complete the program.

The album features four total commissions written for Six Degree Singers (the three new commissions from that program and our very first commission written in 2011). It also features a rarely performed Czech work, as well as famous works by English Renaissance composers, 19th century German composers, and 20th century American composers, so there is a bit of something for everyone!

1. Adieu, Ye City-Prisoning Towers

2. Hark, All Ye Lovely Saints Above

3. Amor, Lo Sento L’alma

4. Let Me Be an Empty Bowl

5. Mary Hynes

6. Long Time Ago

7. Dirge

8. Live With Me

9. Shoelaces

10. Furniture & Candles

11. Bacon, Indiana

12. Truth Patch

13. Postscript

14. Juno's Garden

15. Místo Klekání

16. Ukolébavka

17. Nepovím

18. Opuštený

19. Token

20. Zigeunerleben

21. He, Zigeuner, Greife in Die Saiten Ein

22. Brauner Bursche Führt Zum Tanze

23. Weit Und Breit Schaut Niemand Mich An­­­­

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